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360iQ® (formerly EZConnect™) is a Smart Enterprise Management & Video Surveillance System provided as a service to the multi-unit business owner. We’ve spent years working with the top QSR brands in the world as well as thousands of their franchisees to deliver a system built for our clients, by our clients.

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icon_one360iQ® total visibility into your business

360iQ is a unified enterprise management/operational intelligence & Video Surveillance system that provides TOTAL visibility into your business anytime, anywhere. The team behind 360iQ has a mission to provide the end user with a fully mobile platform that provides significant monetary benefits to any operation or brand at a fraction of their cost.

icon_two360iQ® Big Data and Video Surveillance

The system links together Video Surveillance with POS and other data points at any store within your chain and then all intelligent business rules are being applied to your enterprise data in the cloud – providing a powerful alert-driven management platform that is proven to significantly improve profits, pinpoint losses, and save time for the entire management team.

icon_four360iQ® Auditing & Loss Prevention management

The associated 360iQ Remote Auditing & Loss Prevention management support services ensure consistency in enterprise results by providing managers with clear & customized executable reports with which to easily implement accountability on the ground across the entire brand. A weekly overview of operations & transactions pinpoints areas of improvement.

icon_three360iQ® brings instant monetary benefits

The secret sauce, aside from the comparative big data cloud analysis, is the ability to almost guarantee monetary benefits to any organization looking to reduce losses and increase profits. Our clients including SUBWAY® and Burger King® recorded hundreds of dollars of average weekly revenue increase for every store using system & our services.



  • This system is extremely effective in identifying theft
    “360iQ is an unbelievable system for loss prevention and general surveillance. The user interface makes it easy to monitor your business and POS integration makes this system extremely effective in identifying theft.”
  • It’s a great software.
    "It’s a great software. The EZU team has been extremely supportive and really helped us dig deeper and use the system to its full potential.”

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360iQ® and its patent pending architecture has been designed to meet the specific needs of quick-service restaurants (QSRs), specialty retailers, restaurants and multi-unit business operators, it is a video-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that gathers information from each store’s IP-enabled technologies including the POS system across multiple sites to deliver targeted, highly personalized data to users through any Web-enabled device. Interactive visual dashboard displays, available on any smart phone or tablet, allow users to make quick decisions regarding store operations, customer service, training and security. Video analytics enable quick access to video information to ensure faster customer service. Overall, the primary goal of 360iQ is to provide users the data they need to build their business and increase performance.

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PROVEN RESULTS: Clients using the 360iQ System Recorded Immediate Monetary Benefits

Customer facing support team members


Andrew Folek

Director of Production & Global Support
Oversees customer support & IT infrastructure for the entire company. Fast thinking and adoptable to any problematic situation and won’t accept the word impossible. Built the customer support team from customer #1 to where it is today.


Kajetan Dudkiewicz

Sr. Manager of Customer Support
Specializes in the field of networks and databases, and has a Masters of Science degree in Information Technology. Has worked at EZU since 2012. He enjoys trying to streamline processes in the department and making the team work smarter.

Jan Biedka

Director of Customer Support
Has a technical degree in network engineering and 12 years of experience in the IT field. John began with EZU in 2007 and currently manages a team that supports over 5000 stores. His creative thinking will help us scale to tens of thousands of sites.


360iQ Case Studies

Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee leverages 360iQ platform to boost security, store operations

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Subway Operator Uses Enterprise Platform to Enhance Operations and Reduce Theft

360iQ fulfills the need for restaurant operators to gain access to business-critical information in real time. The platform is helping...

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