Providing instant monetary benefits to businesses across the globe!

EZUniverse® is an innovative technology company providing instant benefits of Operational Intelligence and Business Analytics technology as a service or licensed product to multi-unit business owners in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) segment.

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About Us

EZUniverse® is a technology company focused on building Intelligent Business Management Systems that use Big Data and Video in a way that empowers companies to improve their operations. EZUniverse provides one single view of business processes allowing owners and managers to tap into huge hidden financial reserves being available to business owners as a result of the deployment of modern business management tools using business & operational intelligence (data warehousing, video/audio/data analytics, OI, BI). Clients across industries: Banking, Restaurant and Retail, Security and Property Management include big names like Deutsche Bank, Subway, Dunkin’ Donuts and many others.

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icon_one360iQ™ total visibility into your business

360iQ™ is a unified enterprise management/operational intelligence & Video Surveillance system that provides TOTAL visibility into your business anytime, anywhere. The team behind 360iQ has a mission to provide the end user with a fully mobile platform that provides significant monetary benefits to any operation or brand at a fraction of their cost.

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icon_two360iQ™ Big Data and Video Surveillance

The system links together Video Surveillance with POS and other data points at any store within your chain and then all intelligent business rules are being applied to your enterprise data in the cloud – providing a powerful alert-driven management platform that is proven to significantly improve profits, pinpoint losses, and save time for the entire management team.

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icon_three360iQ™ brings instant monetary benefits

The secret sauce, aside from the comparative big data cloud analysis, is the ability to almost guarantee monetary benefits to any organization looking to reduce losses and increase profits. Our clients including SUBWAY® and Burger King® recorded hundreds of dollars of average weekly revenue increase for every store using system & our services.

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icon_four360iQ™ Auditing & Loss Prevention management

The associated 360iQ™ Remote Auditing & Loss Prevention management support services ensure consistency in enterprise results by providing managers with clear & customized executable reports with which to easily implement accountability on the ground across the entire brand. A weekly overview of operations & transactions pinpoints areas of improvement.

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Management Team

Our Services

360iQ™ Snapshot Service

Based on a series of weighted questions regarding protocol, compliance, and service, an owner operator can instantly pinpoint problems or weaknesses specific to that particular establishment.

360iQ™ Incident Investigations

Based on 360iQ™ Snapshot report or your observations - pick which transactions, events or compliance issues require a detailed analysis!

360iQ™ Pro-Active Support

Get a Pro-Active Remote Support including assisting customers with any remote viewing issues associated with 360iQ™ System including routers, internet and port forwarding.

Professional Services

If you have an IT project and you need engineer for hire we provide world-class IT services – including advanced programming and software design work – at a fraction of the cost.

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  • This system is extremely effective in identifying theft
    “360iQ is an unbelievable system for loss prevention and general surveillance. The user interface makes it easy to monitor your business and POS integration makes this system extremely effective in identifying theft.”
  • It’s a great software.
    "It’s a great software. The EZU team has been extremely supportive and really helped us dig deeper and use the system to its full potential.”

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  • Burger King® Corporate Improve Sales & Gross Profit Utilizing 360iQ™ System

    Daily use of 360iQ™ coupled with EZUniverse’s 360iQ™ Snapshot loss prevention intelligent monitoring service has allowed Burger King® to capitalize on the power of POS and surveillance integration. “Using 360iQ™ system I have been able to terminate and take legal action with thieves. I caught a theft ring and terminated 3 employees which in turn, improved my sales and gross profit by at least 10% immediately afterwards”, reported Gilda Mitat, District...

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Our Installations

Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee leverages 360iQ platform to boost security, store operations

Installing video surveillance in quick-service restaurants (QSRs) today is not just about capturing evidence to turn over to police in...

Subway Operator Uses Enterprise Platform to Enhance Operations and Reduce Theft

360iQ fulfills the need for restaurant operators to gain access to business-critical information in real time. The platform is helping...

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EZUniverse News

Mobile App with New Features

Our 360iQ App for remote and wireless access to 360iQ systems has garnered extremely positive responses from users. The enhanced 2nd Generation Application is loaded with new features, each expanding the customer’s ability to effortlessly...

 by  Nick Sadowski 0

360iQ system at the 2017 RETAIL’S BIG SHOW

Hewlett Packard invited EZUniverse to showcase its innovative 360iQ system at the 2017 RETAIL’S BIG SHOW Mahwah, NJ. (Wednesday, January 18, 2017) The computer hardware giant Hewlett Packard picked...

 by  Adam Hollanek 0

BK Global Convention 2016: Just Getting Started

  We are excited to announce that 360iQ® is going to be part of the Burger King Global Convention 2016 : ‘Just Getting Started’ exhibitors. The event is taking...

 by  Adam Hollanek 0

360iQ Revolutionizes Brazilian Market.

  As people around the globe focused on the Olympics in Rio, 360iQ started its expansion to the Brazilian market. While Michael Phelps won his 28th medal and Usain...

 by  Adam Hollanek 0

360iQ® in the Breaking Bad Mecca.

The most famous Twisters restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico served as a filming location for Breaking Bad and is still visited by loads of tourists every year. Saagar...

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The big picture

Holistic systems make loss prevention more effective From QSR Magazine - SmartChain (August 2016 Issue) 360iQ™ – a product by EZUniverse® – is a unified enterprise management and intelligent surveillance...

 by  Adam Hollanek 0
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EZUniverse®, One International Blvd., Mahwah, New Jersey 07495 Telephone: +1 866-360-0121