About Us

EZUniverse® Inc.

EZUniverse® is a technology company focused on building & implementing turn-key Business Management Systems that use Big Data and Video Surveillance to empower companies to improve operations. Our mission is to give your brand the technology, tools, and support to increase profits at a cost far lower than the monetary benefits realized. EZUniverse® provides one single view of any enterprise, which allows our clients to use technology & management support services to quantify, measure, and act on issues in real time, anytime, anywhere.

The company developed a unique “Rapid Development Platform” called .APP that dramatically minimized both the time and expense necessary to develop and deploy complex business applications giving us a true competitive advantage in the market.

In 2009 the company incorporated, enhancing the focus on commercialization of our products in addition to our core development activities. The mission of the company remained the same and reflected the original founders’ beliefs in huge hidden financial reserves being available to business owners as a result of the deployment of modern business management tools using business & operational intelligence (data warehousing, video/audio/data analytics, OI, BI). This add on value is created regardless whether it is management of assets (EZLink™), people (EZMentor™) or both (EZConnect™ now under new name - 360iQ®).

Clients across industries: Banking, Restaurant and Retail, Security and Property Management include big names like Deutsche Bank, Subway, Dunkin' Donuts and many others.

What we offer

360iQ® a simple solution

360iQ® provides a simple but powerful solution, coordinating all critical data in to one easy to use application. This progressive solution is purposely designed to help the operators manage their business, save time and add peace of mind.

Anytime, anywhere visibility

360iQ® provides anytime, anywhere visibility to the business with dashboard views of up to the minute store performance data, real-time critical alerts and access to all associated live and archived video.

Cloud-based intelligence

360iQ® uses cloud-based algorithms to analyze store-level anomalies across the enterprise, pushing high yield, suspicious transactions to the operator, substantially eliminating the need for human auditors.