360iQ Revolutionizes Brazilian Market.


As people around the globe focused on the Olympics in Rio, 360iQ started its expansion to the Brazilian market. While Michael Phelps won his 28th medal and Usain Bolt secured his reign as the Olympic champion, the 360iQ trial with Burger King Do Brasil proved a success. Yoram Nahari, who represents EZUniverse in Brazil, talks about the benefits of the 360iQ solution and the opportunity to revolutionize the QSR market in South America.

“I see a lot of potential in Brazil,” explains Mr. Nahari. “The underdeveloped infrastructure remains a real challenge for the Brazilian QSR market. Now, with the ongoing trial, we know that certain technological issues can be easily overcome thanks to our simplified and flexible system.”

Factors such as remote management, loss prevention and security intelligence, and big data analysis seem crucial to the development of any industry. According to Mr. Nahari, the introduction of 360iQ to the Brazilian market is the first step on the South American QSR industry’s path to modernization. “360iQ’s international expansion can certainly help improve the industry’s operations and increase the efficiency of individual restaurants,” he adds.

Burger King Do Brasil is a very large corporation which owns nearly 500 of the 750 BK locations in Brazil. Tools such as 360iQ seem like a perfect solution to one of the corporation’s biggest problems –Brazilian labor laws, which make firing a dishonest employee almost impossible without hard evidence of fraud. “Once we’d found the first incident of stealing, we generated an Incident Report for our Brazilian partners,” recounts Mr. Nahari. The BK lawyers have confirmed that the 360iQ Incident Reports can be used as hard evidence to take someone to court. Yoram Nahari concludes: “I’m very optimistic about Brazil. If acquired by BK Do Brasil as part of their corporate level strategy, 360iQ could affect the entire organization in several major areas. The system’s positive impact would be observed immediately, as it already has been by the American BK owners and franchisees.”


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