360iQ® in the Breaking Bad Mecca.

The most famous Twisters restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico served as a filming location for Breaking Bad and is still visited by loads of tourists every year. Saagar Grover, the CFO of VKC Delights Inc., which owns and operates Twisters restaurants, talks about the benefits of EZU’s flagship product 360iQ®, the safety of his employees, and the popularity of his stores brought about by the TV show. 

The now-famous Twisters restaurant on 4257 Isleta Boulevard in Albuquerque was the location for indoor filming of Los Pollos Hermanos, a fictional fast-food restaurant that provided money-laundering and logistics for illegal activities in the Breaking Bad universe. Mr. Grover explains that many people still come in to take photos of the so-called “Walter’s booth”. Twisters recently received a TripAdvisor Excellence Award. “Tourists come from all over the world, which speaks to the popularity of the show and our achievements on the QSR market,” he adds. The 360iQ® system captures visitors’ great experiences and, from time to time, meetings with the Breaking Bad stars, who stop by every once in a while.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in the fictional world of Breaking Bad, and when things go wrong, they have real consequences. “Recently, we had a safety incident at a different location,” recounts Mr. Grover. “A guy came in, threatened our employees, and took a lot of money with him. It happened very fast, in broad daylight.” Thanks to the 360iQ® surveillance system, the police managed to identify the robber without any problems. 360iQ® helps keep visitors, tourists, and employees safe. “The first thing my new employees ask about is a good surveillance system,” he says. “After all, any location can be a victim of crime these days. Thanks to EZUniverse they feel much safer, since the system serves as a great deterrent. And even if something happens, it’s become significantly easier to catch the culprit.”

360iQ® goes well beyond a security system. According to Mr. Grover, the greatest benefit is actually that the system also proves a great training tool for the district managers, as they can identify areas of improvement even when they’re not in the store. “It keeps honest people honest,” he adds. “Overall, it’s a great software. The EZU team has been extremely supportive and really helped us dig deeper and use the system to its full potential.”

The system can be easily integrated with the existing infrastructure of a business; therefore the owner doesn’t have to reinvest into an entirely new set-up to be able to go 360iQ®. Mr. Grover confirmed that VKC Delights is planning on installing the system in their newest, 21st location – a sign of the chain’s success and the company’s satisfaction with 360iQ®.

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