360iQ system at the 2017 RETAIL’S BIG SHOW

Hewlett Packard invited EZUniverse to showcase its innovative 360iQ system at the 2017 RETAIL’S BIG SHOW

Mahwah, NJ. (Wednesday, January 18, 2017) The computer hardware giant Hewlett Packard picked EZUniverse to run their 360iQ system on its hardware during the largest retail trade show in the world.

NRF's Annual Convention & EXPO, which earned its nickname “Retail’s BIG Show” years ago, is a three day event that offers education, collegial networking and an enormous Expo Hall full of technologies and solutions. The New York City trade show attracts 33,000 visitors a day, 500 exhibitors and over 300 speakers.

National sales manager at Hewlett Packard, Michael Lambert praised the relationship with EZUniverse: “We have a great partnership with EZUniverse. Hewlett Packard brings world class security surveillance systems hardware and EZUniverse powers it with its innovative intelligent 360iQ system. Hewlett Packard is looking forward to continuous work with EZUniverse."

360iQ® is a unified enterprise management/operational intelligence & Video Surveillance system that provides TOTAL visibility into your business anytime, anywhere. The team behind 360iQ has a mission to provide the end user with a fully mobile platform that provides significant monetary benefits to any operation or brand at a fraction of their cost.

Linking together Video Surveillance with POS and other data points at any store – then applying intelligent business rules to this enterprise data in the cloud – provides a powerful alert-driven management platform that is proven to significantly improve profits, pinpoint losses, and save time for the entire management team.

The secret sauce, aside from the comparative big data cloud analysis, is the ability to guarantee monetary benefits to any organization looking to reduce losses and increase profits. The associated 360iQ Remote Auditing & Loss Prevention management support services ensure consistency in enterprise results by providing managers with clear & customized executable reports with which to easily implement accountability on the ground across the entire brand.