The big picture

Holistic systems make loss prevention more effective

From QSR Magazine - SmartChain (August 2016 Issue)

360iQ™ – a product by EZUniverse® – is a unified enterprise management and intelligent surveillance system that provides total visibility into the multi-unit business anytime, anywhere. EZUniverse strives to transform the managerial experience, help to build more reliable and motivated teams, and give your operation or brand the tools and associated services to increase profits, at a cost far lower than the monetary benefits derived.

The 360iQ and its patent pending architecture has been designed to meet the specific needs of quick-service restaurants, specialty retailers, and multi-unit business operators. The comprehensive POS integration allows 360iQ to collect every transaction or event at the store level, aggregate this data in the cloud, and apply intelligent business rules and analytics for the entire enterprise. The resulting application is a powerful alert-driven management system that is built to pinpoint losses quickly and efficiently, zero in on any transaction or event with video, and provide proactive enterprise big-data analysis for loss prevention, labor management, and operational issues.


“The technology increases protection and improves the bottom line for the business owner,” says Adam Hollanek, VP Product. “Our services enable the manger to take immediate action and address arising issues with full confidence and without extra effort. The goal is to use the technology and make remote management of any enterprise much easier. ”

Some users can see an increase of 1.5 to 2 percent in profits after employing the technology, says Hollanek.

The associated 360iQ Remote Auditing & Loss Prevention management support services ensure consistency in enterprise results. The auditing team provides managers with clear and customized executable reports with which to easily implement accountability on the ground across the entire brand. A weekly overview of operations & transactions pinpoints areas of improvement.

The use of the 360iQ system can extend well beyond surveillance. Transaction and video integration can be used to follow-up on complaints, review suspicious transactions, and monitor employee behavior. Further, it may be used to examine slip-and-fall incidents, entry and exit into the business, and monitor the parking lot. The real-time data, alerts, and enforceable 360iQ® Snapshot reports sent by the EZUniverse® Remote Auditing and Loss Prevention Team provide the Restaurant Team with clear, simple, and actionable information for any type of investigation.

Essentially, the 360iQ system puts surveillance and POS under one business intelligence framework and help business owners recover sizable losses through more effective management and operational visibility.

The solution is currently in use at a number of Subway, Burger King, and Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants in addition to a variety of other retailers and businesses. The 360iQ system is available on PC, iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices.